(14th July 2015) Students in this summer's Trinity Term of the Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning attended a live, discussion-oriented video class with Fr Andrew Cuneo of San Diego, on 'Holiness in the Emulation of the Saints', with additional instruction by Archimandrite Irenei and Archpriest James Baglien.

(29th May 2015) Students in our Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning have entered fully into the buy prescription levitra online new Trinity Term's module, 'Life with the Saints', with focused study on sanctity and sainthood in Orthodox theology. What makes a saint? What is the ascetical understanding of 'holiness', and how is it attained? These are the questions students have addressed in lectures, live video classes, readings and their opening assignments.

(19th May 2015) The Institute's Trinity Term begins today, and a larger-than-usual cohort of januvia online returning and new students are this morning setting into their new module of studies for the summer term: CS06 - 'Life with the Saints'. A live video group meeting opens the course this evening, followed by a summer of study into some of the most important themes in the Orthodox life in the community of the saints with some new instructors at the Institute.

The summer term (Trinity Term) of the Institute's Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning will begin on 19th May, welcoming both existing students as well as new enrollees into a brand-new module being offered for the first time this summer: CS06 - Life with the Saints.

(21st April 2015) In order to facilitate the celebration of Radonitsa, the Tuesday after St Thomas Sunday, the Institute office will be closed on the buy cheap online cialis 21st. May we wish Paschal joy to all who will celebrate the Resurrection at the cemeteries on this day. We will be open as usual on Wednesday and through the remainder of the week.

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