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Participants and speakers make ready for this weekend's symposium in Riverside, California

(6th February 2015) Participants and speakers are preparing for the opening of this weekend's symposium in Riverside, California, which begins tomorrow. With the opening remarks to be delivered by the newly-enthroned Metropolitan Joseph of All North America, a full weekend of spiritual reflection and instruction lies ahead for nearly 100 registered participants.

Click here for more details on the program in Riverside that takes place this weekend, 7th-8th February 2015... (and you can still register on-line until Friday evening; after that, at the door)

Archimandrite Irenei address students on the Feast Day of the Institute

(31st January 2015) Today marks the fourth occasion that we have kept this day as the Feast Day of our Institute, which began its operations in late 2011 but was formally dedicated on 31st January 2012, just in advance of our first Symposium. Over the intervening three years, we have felt richly graced by the way the Lord has blessed us in His Saints, providing us with wonderful students, opportunities for growth, new programs and activities, and work which — by God's mercy — leads us towards a deeper life of prayer and communion in His Church.


Hilary Term begins with new students and new modules

(16th January 2015) The Institute's Hilary Term has begun this week, welcoming both new students and a new module into the offerings on our Certificate Program. A handful of new students began mid-year this term, joining an active cohort in our module on The Ancient Scriptures in the Church; and a large, vibrant group of students has set into the Orthodox Liturgical Life and Worship module that we're offering for the first time.


Moving towards Nativity with classes on Christians and the Law, and the Trinity

(17th December 2014) Institute students are moving towards the Nativity — and the conclusion of term — with live classes this week on "Christians and the Law" (for our CS01 students), and the provocatively-titled "Why the Trinity Matters" (for CS07), featuring instructors Archpriests David Moser and Josiah Trenham.


Students attend class on conciliarity and the Creed

(3rd November 2014) Students on our module Controversies, Councils and Creeds tonight took part in a live on-line video class on the theme "Conciliarity, the Creed and the Peace of the Church," led by Archimandrite Irenei. Fourteen students from all over the country took part in the live class as part of our Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning.

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