Symposium "The Desert a City"

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Autumn Term begins this week at the Institute, with a full rota of courses starting new modules on Tuesday

(22nd September 2014) The Institute's Autumn Term begins this Tuesday, and that date marks the beginning of studies for three full cohorts of students taking our Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning. A cohort of brand-new students are just starting their course, taking module CS01: Foundations in Orthodox History and Praxis, while other students working their way through the Certificate Program are beginning their work on CS04: Controversies, Council & Creeds - Into the Conciliar Age, and others on CS07: Orthodox Trinitarian Theology.


Itinerary for our UK pilgrimage now available on-line!

(11th August 2014) The itinerary for our pilgrimage to the Holy Orthodox Sites of the British Isles is now available on-line, so that it can be reviewed by both our pilgrimage participants, as well as those interested to know what our pilgrims will be experiencing while abroad in one of the oldest Orthodox lands in the world. Click here to view the day-by-day itinerary as a PDF file...

Summer Term students to attend Monday class with Abbot Tryphon on types of monasticism today

(10th August 2014) Our Summer Term students are preparing to attend their final live class by teleconference this Monday, 11th August. Their module, 'Ascesis, Monasticism and Spiritual Life', culminates with a section entitled 'Varieties of Monasticism Today', with its live class to be led by Abbot Tryphon of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island.


Students attend class on Desert Fathers with Archpriest Josiah Trenham

(22nd July 2014) Students on the Institute's Summer Term module, 'Ascesis, Monasticism and Spiritual Life' attended a live class via video teleconferencing this week, with Archpriest Josiah Trenham of St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California. A renowned speaker and scholar, as well as pastor of a thriving parish church, Fr. Josiah led students in an engaged discussion on the spirituality of the Desert Fathers, both historically and as it relates to the life of Christians today.


Students to attend live on-line class on martyrdom and spirituality tonight

(27th May 2014) Students on the Institute's Summer Term will take part in their first live video class tonight, led by Revd. Hieromonk James (Corazza) on 'Martyrdom as the Foundation of Christian Spirituality'. This is the first live session of the new module, 'Asceticism, Monasticism & Christian Spirituality', in which a group of 15 students and instructors will interact in a live, real-time class that allows them to see, hear and engage with each other, despite being spread across the country.


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