Due to numerous requests, the Institute is establishing a San Francisco-based study group tentatively entitled Liturgical English: Developing an Orthodox Language. The aim of this group is to engage in discussions surrounding the interest in developing a shared "Orthodox Liturgical English" that is suitable for divine worship and prayer, based in Orthodox customs and practices of translation and liturgical life.

Further details on the group are available from its section here on the Institute's web site. The study group will meet in San Francisco, for those participants in the region able to meet in person; but it will also enjoy an on-line dimension enabling wider participation by those who are interested.

Topics that the lifestyle group will address shall include:

  • The nature of Orthodox liturgical language. What is it? How is it distinct and different from other forms of a language.
  • Principles of liturgical translation and text.
  • The relationship of best price for generic cialis textual accuracy, poetry and liturgical usage.
  • Recent ventures in Orthodox English liturgical publications -- most notably David James's A Psalter for Prayer -- and how such projects might fit into larger work on English-language Orthodox texts.
  • And other related items.
Visit the Study Group's new area on the web site, and if this sounds like the right kind of group for you, you can enroll on-line in a matter of minutes.

Additional information