Where Can I Study?

Do I need to be in San Francisco to Study at the Institute?

While the Institute is headed from San Francisco, it reaches out to the broad community of Orthodox throughout Western North America, as well as the whole of the United States, through its Distance Learning programs and its developing Regional Centers.

The Institute's Chief Center: San Francisco

sanfranciscoThe Institute is organized from its main center in San Francisco, California. Using the Bay Area as a hub that sits conveniently at the heart of many western American Orthodox communities, we are accessible for on-site instruction, study groups, symposia and other regional activities. However, our principal course of study is our Certificate Program in Orthodox Studies by Distance Learning, which uses on-line resources to bridge any distance, meaning that you can take part in this course wherever you are located.

This means that we are able to provide a solid Orthodox education to students, near or far -- whether living in families, struggling for God in monasteries, or engaging in other educational activities.

Developing Regional Centers


All our programs at the Institute - including our Certificate in Orthodox Studies, Diploma in Orthodox Studies, Diaconal Formation Programs, etc. - are being designed with an eye toward the development of Regional Centers throughout the United States. These centers will allow our materials to be delivered in various cities across the country, all organized, certified and operated by the Institute while bringing national and local teaching expertise to each location. You will receive the same education, on the same carefully-developed syllabus and curriculum, delivered through study days and seminars in your area.

Will There Be a Regional Center in My Area?

We are currently in the process of developing plans for the Institute's first Regional Centers. Our first operations will begin in San Francisco, offering the opportunity for study for all those in the western region. It is likely that our first Regional Centers will be established in major cities in the western United States, followed by Centers in the Midwest and eastern US.

If you feel there might be a need for a Regional Center of the Institute in your area, please contact us with a request.

Can Our Local Center Become a Part of the Institute?

Currently, there are a number of small programs and centers throughout the United States and Canada, sometimes operated by parishes or local groups within the Church, that offer differing opportunities for study, training, etc. If you are involved in such an operation, and feel that it might benefit from being incorporated into the Institute and becoming a Regional Center, please contact us to discuss how the Institute's development may help expand Orthodox education in your area.

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